Saturday, 14 August 2010


This is a Blog dedicated to all you Guys out there who have had your heart smashed in to a million pieces by your CHEATING ex girlfriends and would like to get revenge! It happened to me a month back in July. I had had a great summer vacation with my EX in Turkey. We then get back and two days later she tells me she doesnt want to be with me any more because she's off to Uni in a month. Bullshit i hear some of who say, and yes that that's exactly what it was, because a week later she's in a relationship on Facebook with some jerk who I find out has been seeing my ex for over 2 months! I was with this girl for almost 4 years. I was SO angry that i just wanted to do unspeakable things! But that would land me in jail, so I thought I Would create this site instead devoted to all you guys who have similar stories.
I have started off and posted some images of my ex and if any one reads this who wants to take their revenge then send your story and REVENGE pictures to:

and they will appear on this blog for all to see!